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Aluminium, i.e. metal made of natural bauxite ores, is another material alongside wood and PVC that is used in joinery to produce windows and doors. This material is usually not used in its original form, but as an alloy with other metals. Thanks to this combination, it obtains all the properties it needs, which due to the production process gives aluminum joinery the following (sometimes varied or interchangeable) features:


  • extraordinarily light in weight
  • high resistance to UV rays and adverse weather conditions
  • possibility of using anti-burglary technology
  • multiple design possibilities (design and color)
  • great thermal insulation (when processing warm aluminum)
  • high thermal isollation (when processing cold aluminum)
  • different fire resistance levels (depending on the alloy used)
  • sensitivity to damage due to unprofessional fitting (that’s why it’s always worth using the services of proven professional fitters)

Aluminum alloy is also a material – due to its lightness and strength, it is used in the most modern construction projects, as well as in astronautics.

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