Anti-burglary Doors Rzeszów


The common misconception is that security doors feature a thick, armored body, repelling thieves with a crude appearance and offering little in terms of aesthetics. Nothing could be further from the truth! External doors with security features are visually no different from any other doors – there are numerous models with multiple colours and finishes on the market that are asthetically pleasing while also offering every security feature. This even includes colourful stained safety glass (consisting of several layers connected by a protective film). Let’s focus on the main function of security doors though, which is protection. So what should you focus on when choosing an external door with security features?


The peace of mind and reassurance that a security door gives is it’s main selling point, and a basic requirement of any external door. After all, it’s important that what is most important to us will be protected by the highest class of security.


The installation of our security doors requires an opening of a minimum area of 100 × 210 cm. Although it is possible to install smaller doors, they are made to order – the cost of which can be significant. It is better to choose a standard size and instead invest this money in additional security measures, such as security locks. But if a smaller door is required, we can provide a solution.

The door frame, i.e. the frame connecting the door with the wall, should also be reinforced appropriately – made of metal and firmly embedded in the wall. This makes it very difficult for a burglar to break the door through the door frame.

Another important element to consider at design stage is the opening/closing. A door that opens inwards is safer, as this makes it very difficult for the burglar to pry open. While no door can provide 100% protection against burglary, it is worth choosing the security features that make it as difficult as possible for anyone to gain entry


When buying a door with security features, pay special attention to the accompanying documentation – certificates and approvals issued by the Polish regulatory bodies (Building Research Institute (ITB), the Institute of Precision Mechanics (IMP) or the Central Forensic Laboratory of KGP) are the confirmation of quality. These bodies put each product through a stringent test, the results of which gives vital information about the resistance of the door (i.e. the length of time and tools required for breaking and entry). Resistance is expressed by the standards: 1 (low) – 6 (very high, e.g. armoured door in a bank). The higher the value on the security scale, the more time and effort the burglar has to spend – and the chances of breaking and entry are significantly reduced.

For the safety of the whole household, it is worth considering additional security measures in addition to what the door is made of and how it has been installed. For example, security locks (at least two locks: one anti-theft) or alternatively a French frame. A French frame is a metal, protruding element of the door that, when closing, combines with the groove on the frame. This makes it very difficult to force open the door.


When buying security doors, many customes choose additional features that not only improve everyday use, but also protect the longevity of the product. Some examples are:

Remote control locking or biometric (fingerprint) readers – for people who are prone to losing, forgeting, or who simply do not like to carry a keychain. The remote control / reader allows the door to be opened automatically, convenient when one hand is occupied carrying shopping bags.

Viewfinder – allows you to check who is at the door, without having to open it. This option is especially useful for families with children, the elderly, or people who live alone.

Stopper/Bumper – mounted on the wall or floor, this prevents damage to the wall and door due to sudden or excessive opening (the door slamming against the wall).

Soft Close Actuator – slow close hinges that prevent slamming. They not only protect against banging doors, but also against damage to the door. Also ideal for kids, providing safety for little fingers and ensuring that your doors are self closing. As we all know, kids just love leaving doors open!

So as you can see, security doors are not only an investment in the safety of the household, but they also facilitate the performance of daily duties (e.g. bringing the shopping in) and are asthetically pleasing.