Terrace Doors Rzeszów


Among all the terrace doors currently available on the market, it is the modern sliding systems – HST and PSK – that are the most popular. In our offer you will find doors tailored to your individual needs – both in terms of dimensions and the technologies available, as well as competitive prices. You will have the opportunity to invest in the best HST and PSK terrace doors available on the market.


HST and PSK doors are sliding system solutions, which are not only durable and easy to use, but also give much greater felixibilty in terms of furniture arrangement and room planning. This is because you do not need space inside the room to open or close them, which also makes them suitable for small spaces. They also allow for the use of large glazing, which gives that modern, spacious look that is desired by so many. So what is the difference between the two solutions?

  • HST terrace doors – these are lift and slide doors, in which the sliding mechanism and fixed leaf are parallel to each other. The advantage of this solution is the lightness of the opening motion, which is due to a hidden rail in the floor with special rollers that enables the movement. Tilting the door is also very easy.
  • PSK terrace doors – these are tilt and slide doors which, when closed, the fixed leaf and the sliding leaf form a straight line. The bottom frame which houses the guide and rail is responsible for the smooth sliding motion of the door. The door can also be opened-out and closed-in in the traditional way.

Both solutions use modern, proven technologies. Both the HST and PSK systems will be durable, safe and fully functional over many years.


  • Sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing, giving the possibility of using large glazing.
  • Versatility of use in various settings – both single and multi-family.
  • Smooth and trouble-free door opening and tilting.
  • High strength, due to the use of carefully selected materials.
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation.
  • Attractive prices that make HST and PSK doors a realistic alternative to traditional solutions.

At Plus Projekt, we will tailor your door to your individual needs and ensure that you will choose the best, most modern and fully functional solution for your budget. Feel free to contact us!