PVC Windows Rzeszów


Our PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows are the most popular windows with our clients throughout Europe. The reasons for this are simple: PVC allows for easy and convenient maintenance, high resistance to damage and adverse weather conditions, and of course the durability of the material..

The biggest advantage of this type of window is the relatively low price of our PVC products in relation to their quality. It is this aspect that makes PVC windows the number one choice for home and apartment owners, as well as builders and developers.

At Plus Projekt, we think about you and the environment. All our products are certified as lead and cadmium free. Good quality window joinery, which will serve your family for a lifetime, should not contain harmful substances. Heavy metals have an impact on our health, the health of our children and the nature that surrounds us. It is very important to us that we all live healthy lives and that we protect what is most precious – our planet!


At Plus Projekt you can also order imitation wood PVC windows made from the highest quality raw materials, with realistic textures and colours imitating the look and feel of real wood windows.

We offer a variety of PVC windows with different features, shapes and textured finishes::

  • classic windows in standard sizes
  • passive windows
  • energy-efficient windows
  • arched windows
  • economic windows
  • triple glazed windows

All of our products meet the strict requirements for PVC joinery. We offer everything from standard sized windows to custom designs that allow you to create huge glazing for those ambitious projects. We offer arched and sash windows matching particular architectural styles such as manor houses, country cottages, georgian houses, listed buildings etc.

Of course, among the PVC offerings we also have sliding, terrace and balcony windows. Both our tilt-and-slide windows (PSK) and lift-and-slide windows (HST) are extremely popular. These types of openings are very practical and effective.

In our collection you will find “ecological” windows for energy-saving houses or so-called passive windows.

Good PVC windows means big savings on energy, an important element of house design and architecture in todays climate. Our PVC windows will help you reduce the costs of your heating bill!


PVC is a material characterized by high plasticity in the machining process. That is why designers have a lot of freedom when designing windows made of this material (only PVC roof windows must retain their traditional quadrilateral shape). In addition – the availability of virtually any colour offers endless possibilities in terms of ordering and tailoring your windows to the concepts of your own individual project or development.


From the very beginning, we have been taking care to adapt to the needs of our clients. Our offer includes PVC windows in various colours, which means you can easily match them to your interior or facade. At Plus Projekt you can also order PVC windows in imitation textures and colors, e.g. imitating other materials such as real wood windows. We only offer products made from the highest quality raw materials that are guaranteed for many years of use.